Schott seeking to unseat Armstrong in race for Green Park mayoral seat

Staff Report

John Schott is seeking to unseat Green Park Mayor Steve Armstrong in the April 5 election.

Armstrong first was elected mayor in April 2001 and is seeking his third, two-year term.

Asked to identify the most important issue in the Ward 1 race, Armstrong gave this written response to a Call questionnaire: “To have an administration that can work together, so the city can continue to move forward in a positive direction with accomplishments that will benefit our residents.”

Schott, 10936 Suanis Court, did not re-spond to a Call questionnaire.

Armstrong, 42, 9436 Southtowne Farms Drive, is a materials engineer for Naval Air Systems Command.

Before being elected mayor, Armstrong served as a Ward 3 alderman, as chairman of the city’s Tax Increment Finance Com-mission and on the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission.

He said he is seeking re-election “to represent all the residents of Green Park and to continue building on the positive image the city has gained over the past four years.”

Other issues Armstrong perceives in the race:

• “Green Park Commerce Center — to continue the work that is required to ensure the development continues in a positive manner.”

• “Access to Clydesdale Park and Grant’s Trail — to define and work to establish access to Clydesdale Park and Grant’s Trail via trails and sidewalks.”

• “Roads: — to continue to replace, main-tain and improve our city streets.”

Armstrong gave the following responses to a Call questionnaire:

Since voters approved a half-cent, capital-improvements sales tax, are you pleased with how the revenue has been spent? Have the residents’ needs been served?

Armstrong said, “Yes on both accounts. The residents have seen road improvements and there is a plan in place to continue those road improvements throughout the city. A plan is also in place to maintain the existing and future road improvements.”

What is your position on the use of tax-increment financing?

Armstrong said, “Currently, there are no TIF projects before the city, nor are there any in the foreseeable future.

“In addition, I would not support nor en-tertain a TIF project unless the project had the support of the residents of Green Park,” he added.

How much of a fund balance should the city keep in its reserves each year? Why? Please elaborate.

Armstrong said, “Fifty percent of the city’s annual budget. This is based on input from our city accountant and this is what other cities of our approximate size retain. It should be noted that there is no magical formula or answer as to the exact amount a city should maintain.

“However, our city does need to maintain a responsible balance so that if the unexpected occurs, the city will financially be in a position to handle it,” Armstrong added.

Should the Green Park Board of Alder-men pursue an ad-ministrative business license for city businesses or some other type of license?

Armstrong said, “In the past year the Board of Aldermen has reviewed the need for an administrative business license. After careful review the board determined the city could obtain the information it was seeking at this time without having to implement an administrative business li-cense.

“At this time there are no other types of licenses which would need to be put in place,” the mayor added.

Green Park voters next week will consider Proposition 1, a proposal to assess up to $50 annually to fund a sewer lateral repair program. Do you support Prop-osition 1 that the Board of Aldermen has placed on the April 5 ballot?

Armstrong said, “Proposition 1 is an issue in which the residents of Green Park as a collective community have very different views. This is an issue that must and will be decided on by the voters of Green Park.

“The Board of Aldermen has defined a program, has placed it on the ballot and the city will be forwarding a flier to each residence outlining the program. It is now up to the voters of Green Park to make the final decision,” he added.

In your opinion, has the Board of Al-dermen faithfully adhered to the Sun-shine Law? What would you do to ensure the board’s compliance with this law?

Armstrong said, “Yes. I always ensure that any activities undertaken by the board are in full compliance with the Sunshine Law.”

What is your opinion of the proposed improvements to Green Park Road?

Armstrong said, “The proposed improvements for Green Park Road are needed and will result in a roadway that is safer for all those who use it.”

What, if anything, would be done to redevelop the Yuma Drive area?

Armstrong said, “The Yuma Drive area is an area within the city that is in need of re-development.

“Various developers at different times have expressed an interest in redeveloping. In order to make the redevelopment of this area into reality, the city needs to establish and define a plan for how the city wants to see this area be redeveloped. Once this plan is defined and incorporated into the city’s Comprehensive Plan, the city can then work toward turning the plan into a reality,” Arm-strong added.

What is your “vision” for the city of Green Park?

Armstrong said, “To protect the residential integrity of the city, while moving in a positive direction that strengthens and en-hances the residential and commercial prop-erty values within Green Park.”