School shootings created by culture that ignores God, writer opines


To the editor:

It is a scary world out there for the kids, and what is scarier still is that the adults who say they love them have created it.

Parents, educators at all levels, legislatures, courts and even the liberal churches have firmly entrenched this “field of killing” by thumbing their noses at the moral framework that once created a safe school and home and world.

At the risk of inflaming “Christian-phobics,” it is called “reaping what you have sowed.”

Our children have not created this mindset or mess. It has been those who deemed it of paramount importance to silence Biblical teachings that once proclaimed who we were as individuals and people.

“Thou shalt not kill” and “Thou shalt not steal” have long been out of favor in the public square. So here you are, fearing for your children, and so you all should be.

You provided the venue for things like this to occur at all levels in all lives. Tell me how a thinking child reasons through legal permission to abort an unborn child as OK but the killing of a bully is wrong? Can’t do it. There have always been bullies. I was bullied, my kids were bullied.

There have always been guns. The difference is God had the final say, and that was the given that made us able to walk troubled waters without choosing the death of another. Hunger Games in, Bible out.

Don’t even get me started on the video games, movies and TV programs you endorse or ignore every single day.

Pat yourselves on the back for this better world you have created. You will get no high fives from your creator the day you stand for an accounting of your lives.

For you have led his children, not yours, astray.

Nancy Matlock