School board should be thinking outside of the box, Haubrich says

To the editor:

Regarding Mehlville School District’s Prop R, I have to say, I am disappointed to read that the board would not discuss the alternative plan that was presented to them by a resident of the district who cares enough about this district and the children to show up and participate in every board meeting.

It seemed to me a great opportunity to bring the “yes” and the “no” voters together and accomplish permanent positive change.

It was the closest we have come in this district to all sides sitting down and finding a solution that a comfortable majority of the community could get behind. I’m encouraged to see this kind of out-of-the-box thinking.

Imagine what we could have come up with if the board had been willing to seriously consider the proposal. No doubt it would have looked a little different — that’s the natural outcome of compromise — but it would have been a plan that enjoyed more support.

This is something I see every day in my profession. Instead, as in past years, we have yet another ballot issue that divides the community.

We’ll never move ahead until leaders of the district get out of the rut they’re in, the rut that has resulted in such mediocre academic performance. Instead of putting all their energy into trying to maneuver and manipulate the public into pouring more money into the same failed practices, they should be thinking outside of the box, too.

Kyle J. Haubrich


Editor’s note: Mr. Haubrich, an attorney, ran unsuccessfully for the Mehlville school board in the April election.