Scholars academy honors Lindbergh teachers

Three Lindbergh School District teachers were recognized at the recent Missouri Scholars Academy Appreciation Day at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

The teachers were nominated by top-ranking Lindbergh High School students who attended the academy.

Karen Kershaw, a Lindbergh High School math teacher, was nominated by Emily Stubbs; Kimberly Martin, a Lindbergh High School English teacher, was nominated by Paul Nauert; and Michelle Ryder, Sappington Elementary LEAP Teacher, was nominated by Jessica Sparks.

Teacher Appreciation Day gave the scholars an opportunity to recognize and thank the teachers who influenced them the most in their lives, according to a Lindbergh School District news release.

The teachers received certificates of appreciation from D. Kent King, Missouri commissioner of education, and Elson Floyd, president of the University of Missouri.

This was the 14th year the Missouri Scholars Academy recognized excellent teachers, coaches, librarians and counselors.