Schlink’s leadership earns him second term

To the editor:

Crestwood residents, nearly three years ago I recommended a relatively unknown alderman, Jeff Schlink, to you to be the mayor of our fine city.

Then several people, in addition to me, delineated some of his qualifications. He is a fine family man. He has had experience as an alderman. He had supervisory experience with 17 employees that he was responsible for at his job.

Finally, he has a professional career in finance at Edward Jones.

Mayor Schlink has performed in an outstanding, professional way on a second-job basis just like several Crestwood mayors before him, including former Mayor James Brasfield. Crestwood needs a competent, qualified mayor who can perform in a top-notch, effective way.

Mayor Schlink has successfully demonstrated that he can accomplish a second full-time job as mayor in just such a manner.

A mayor needs to deal with the public and with other elected officials. Mayor Schlink has robustly shown that he is calm, courteous and professional in this regard.

Over the last 20 years or so, I have attended many Board of Aldermen meetings. I have never heard Mayor Schlink raise his voice to residents, business professionals or members of the Board of Aldermen, but rather he treats all people who come before him with respect. He works well with the Municipal League, the Crestwood-Sunset Hills Area Chamber of Commerce, officials of other municipalities and state legislators.

Mayor Schlink has repeatedly demonstrated professional leadership and that, together without tax-rate increases but with fiscal responsibility, produced with city officials and the Board of Aldermen a surplus of hundreds of thousands of dollars for the fiscal 2013 city budget and ended 2013 with reserves of approximately $5 million.

In my view, Mayor Schlink has earned a second term, and I will be supporting him again in the April 8 election. I hope that you will also.