Schlink’s informed responses at debate prove he’s the better candidate

To the editor:

Attending the March 20 Crestwood mayoral debate, I appreciated both candidates’ willingness to serve.

However, Mayor Jeff Schlink’s integrity, and his articulate, informed responses, prove he’s the better candidate.

Mr. Schlink exhibits great integrity by funding his entire campaign himself, thus not to be persuaded by any contributors’ agendas. Gregg Roby was evasive on the issue of campaign contributions, telling citizens if they wanted details or names they should file a Freedom of Information Act request. Is he hiding something?

Mr. Roby claimed the city was not friendly enough to local businesses, but then later in the debate said that the city’s code should be more restrictive, so that “second-tier” businesses would not be allowed to proliferate in Crestwood. This sounds anti-business to me, and like a contradiction.

If he cannot make up his mind where he stands on minor issues such as this, can he be trusted with major decisions, and to be forthright?

While Mayor Schlink’s opponent said he wouldn’t touch the subject of the city/county merger with a 10-foot pole and that it really didn’t impact Crestwood, Mayor Schlink informed the audience that he was already in discussions with a select group of municipal mayors appointed to examine the impact of a potential merger.

On the redevelopment of the mall, Mayor Schlink has been in discussions with the property owner, selling agent, potential buyers and citizens on all sides of the issue, and refused to be intimidated to make a solo, executive decision on handing $34 million in public assistance to a private developer on an economically questionable plan.

This all demonstrates how Mayor Schlink is actively engaged in his role as a mayor, and speaks with authority and firsthand knowledge on a range of topics vital to Crestwood. Our city deserves a dynamic, informed mayor of integrity, someone committed to do what is best for the city — Mr. Jeff Schlink.