Schlink ‘the person who can get Crestwood rolling again,’ reader says

To the editor:

The hot air Roy Robinson leaks through his comments as mayor has left Crestwood with a flat tire.

The only way to reinflate the tire is by electing Jeff Schlink, a man who brings with him the breath of fresh air the city so desperately needs.

For the third year in a row, Roy has approved a budget whose expenses outweigh its income.

The only advantage to this poor planning is to leave the city with no money on hand, making it an appealing target for a St. Louis County or neighboring municipality takeover.

Is this what Crestwood residents want?

Roy wants to run the city his way, and he has achieved his goal through a mix of intimidation tactics and ignoring the advice and input from the Board of Aldermen and Crestwood residents. A smart mayor surrounds himself with smart people, and is smart enough to seek their advice so that he can make wise decisions.

Surrounding yourself with “yes” people is like governing in an echo chamber; it’s a way to confirm that you’re right about everything.

In Roy Robinson’s world, he doesn’t have to apologize for misleading statements or misrepresentations of the truth.

Why should he? He’s got Robinson’s Rules of Order.

I sat down and spoke with Jeff Schlink, and what I got from our meeting was a sense of confidence. Jeff has the financial experience to run the city like a business, not a bureaucracy.

Jeff knows that it is important to seek opinions and look at issues from all sides before making a decision. Jeff has the leadership skills to represent the city with integrity. Jeff has the humility to put the city’s needs above his own.

In short, Jeff is the person who can get Crestwood rolling again. I will gladly cast my vote for Jeff Schlink on April 5, and I hope you’ll join me.

Roger Anderson