Schlink obvious choice for Crestwood mayor

To the editor:

Thanks to Alderman Jeff Schlink, Crestwood voters have an obvious and clear choice in this April’s mayoral election.

Jeff Schlink’s current professional experience engages him in the type of financial planning and budget management that will benefit the city not only in the budgeting process, but also in dealing with the challenge of ensuring that the city’s best interests are represented in any future commercial developments. Jeff understands financial details, handles pressure well and responds to challenging questions with careful consideration.

Roy Robinson has had six years to fulfill his 2005 campaign promise to “Bring Crestwood Back.” Under his leadership, there have been five tax-increase proposals: Proposition R, Proposition S, Proposition T, Proposition S, and Proposition 1. Three of these proposals passed.

Considering the amount of tax increases, the city should be flush with cash. However, looking at the current state of the city, with its declining retail, deficit budgets and high employee turnover, Roy has not brought Crestwood back.

Furthermore, Roy’s tendency to shoot from the hip has earned some embarrassing press for the city. His tyrannical style of running board meetings does not bode well for open and productive debate.

Please join me in voting for Jeff Schlink on April 5 and help elect the candidate with the skills to move the city forward.

James Murphy