Sappington pupils view M.C. Escher exhibit

The brilliance and unique nature of M.C. Escher’s work could be summed up in a quote displayed on a ground-floor wall at Sappington Elementary School: “Are you really sure that a floor can’t also be a ceiling?”

This is a question art teacher Rob George asked his pupils as he taught a lesson using floor-to-ceiling reproductions of the famous artist’s work, thanks to a traveling exhibit from Teacher’s Discovery, according to a Lindbergh Schools news release.

M.C. Escher explored such concepts in his popular drawings as infinity within a single plane and perspective High and Low — depicting the same scene from above and below.

George stated pupils of different grade levels see Escher’s work from drastically different perspectives.

Third-graders last week tilted and craned their heads left and right to see one drawing’s doors and staircases from multiple angles.

“This display ties in to our fifth-grade unit on perspectives and third-grade lessons about tessellations,” he stated in the release. “And for the younger kids, it just does a great job of showing them where their imaginations can take them.”