Sale, possession of assault weapons should be banned, reader says

To the editor:

I recently came across a really good editorial in the New York Times that sheds some light on the role of guns in our society.

I want to quote briefly from it. The title from the Jan. 6 article is “More Guns = More Violence” by Elizabeth Rosenthal, a physician and a science reporter for the New York Times. She states, “Scientific studies have consistently found that places with more guns have more violent deaths, both homicides and suicides. Women and children are more likely to die if there’s a gun in the house. The more guns in an area, the higher the local suicide rates.”

Wow. The first thing I think about is that family over in Webster Groves where the mother shot both of her children and then herself. And then there is the Kansas City Chiefs football player who shot his girlfriend and then himself. The list just goes on and on.

I think we need to move forward on this issue. We can start by banning the sale and possession of assault weapons; doing mandatory background checks at gun shows and for Internet sales; increasing the waiting period to 28 days for gun purchases; and gun buybacks.

I believe this would make our society safer.

Michael Nolan