Rudoff thanks Lindbergh community for its support of school district

To the editor:

One week after being sworn in as a board member of the Lindbergh School District in 1999, I received a personal “wake-up call” as the world was shattered by an unspeakable act now defined by one word — “Columbine.”

The importance of the role of the Board of Education immediately came into focus as communities across the nation sought answers, reassurance and decisive action to be taken by their elected boards to assure the safety of children in our schools.

Lindbergh’s board immediately responded by accelerating and enhancing its comprehensive, districtwide safety and security program as well as demanding a heightened focus on character education programs in our classrooms.

Lindbergh’s board has continued its tradition to seek input from its constituents as it has set policy and charted the course for our district.

Many of these decisions — such as expanding honors and challenge classes, music and instrumental programs and extracurricular activities; making strategic property acquisitions; engaging in a systematic and responsible renovation and replacement program for our buildings; and hiring a new superintendent — have not only demonstrated their benefit over the long term, but have also positioned the district for the success it presently enjoys as Missouri’s top-rated K-12 school district.

Although the board has set policy and afforded direction, it is important to note that ultimately, the district’s success has been attained only through the history of partnership between district administration and our dedicated faculty, staff, parents and community at large.

As I leave the board and reflect on all that has been accomplished over the last 13 years, I want to take this opportunity to simply say, “Thanks,” to the Lindbergh community, not only for affording me the privilege to serve, but more importantly, for its ongoing support, interest and commitment to Lindbergh Schools.

Mark R. Rudoff