Risks of athletics don’t outweigh the benefits

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

Hello my name is Lucy Lorenz, I am currently a senior at Lindbergh High School. I decided to take anatomy last year because I believe that I may be working in the science field one day.

For our final semester project we were given the task to research a health issue. I decided to focus on sports, specifically how sports affect the overall health of students here at Lindbergh High School.

It is no secret that playing a sport comes with a lot of risks but I believe the pros outweigh the cons. I myself am an athlete and have played field hockey, lacrosse, cross country, and track all while being in high school. All of these sports have impacted me in ways I never thought possible.

As I was researching the effects that sports have on people I found amazing evidence that supports the theory that sports do in fact have a positive effect on one’s mental health, social skills, and overall quality of life.

A Canadian study which was published in the Journal of Adolescent Health found that students who participate in sports in grades 8 through 12 have a lot less stress and better mental health than those who don’t. This study even met up with their participants later in life to see how exercise is currently influencing them by giving them a mental health assessment. Each person who was still in a sport or exercises on a regular basis got much better scores than those who didn’t.

I don’t think that schools educate children enough on the wonderful impact that sports can have on a person. I never ever thought I’d be playing a sport in high school but as soon as I gave them a chance I fell in love.

Unfortunately, there are many risks to playing a sport. If you aren’t organized and good with time management you may fall behind in school, you could get minor or major injuries, and you may have a toxic teammate. Injuries can even lead to bad mental health. It is extremely hard to get through an injury when it prevents you from doing something you love. It’s even harder when you don’t see or feel any improvement, it can be so daunting. But letting those kinds of risks stop you from new and exciting opportunities is no way to live life. Breaking out of your comfort zone is the only way to grow as a human being. If you don’t ever give yourself the opportunity to overcome a challenge then what’s the point.

I know sports may not seem that deep and honestly the actual sport isn’t. What’s deep in the changes it can have on your life.

Lucy Lorenz
Lindbergh High School