‘Rich people live in the land of reality and possibility,’ letter writer says

To the editor:

When we receive lectures from community organizers, teenagers, social science majors and guys like Michael (Nolan), we have officially entered the “Twilight Zone.”

When fellows like these become senators, representatives or presidents, we have purchased our one-way ticket to Disasterville.

An inability to comprehend basic macro or micro economics helps to create a sense of moral superiority. Case in point: the actual existence of a debt ceiling. By its very nature, it creates its own consequences.

Failure to acknowledge its causes and effects, much less ignoring them, should be a reason for pause. Failure here is illogical. In the alternative, name calling, wishful thinking and dreams of a Utopia do not represent solid policy — that is ideology.

I am sorry to report that rich people do create jobs. I know for a fact that most rich people do not want babies to die or even starve.

Rich people do value public education — OK, maybe for you — and rich people do not want to break the backs of labor unions, only labor-union thugs.

Be advised that rich people live in the land of reality and possibility. They are responsible for tens of thousands of employees who by extension, do become the middle class. The middle class has very little ability to self-replicate without which something that the rich people provide, Michael, a job.

These people you seem to despise, although not saintly or holy or maybe even nice, live in the land of reality where even a minimum-wage job must produce something. I propose that from now on, all high school diplomas must require a passing grade in logic and basic economics so that citizens have a ghost of a chance to understand the physical world around them.