Retirees feeling budget squeeze, can’t afford property-tax increase

To the editor:

There are a great number of retirees in the Mehlville School District who are on fixed pensions with no cost-of-living adjustments or with no pension and trying to live off Social Security with no cost-of-living increase last year.

Most retirees also depend on interest income from certificates of deposit, or CDs.

There has been a significant loss of income from CD interest due to the historically low interest rates the last couple of years.

We are also enduring increasing medical costs, utility costs, gasoline costs and food price increases. We also had our sales tax raised due to MetroLink — Proposition A. These are reasons why many of us retirees cannot afford to have our property taxes increased. We are already having our budgets squeezed.

We have to manage; the Mehlville School District can do the same. I did not see this addressed in the article about the “Post Proposition C Survey.”

John M. Fedchak