Retired union worker supports higher taxes for police, fire protection

To the editor:

In the past weeks leading up to the election for a seat on the Mehlville Fire Protection District Board of Directors, I have seen at least three ads touting the accomplishments of the current board.

I’m not sure what a full-page ad costs, but it sure seems that they must be afraid to have their little playhouse broken up, and we, the taxpayers, who they are “serving” are footing the bill for these ads. Call Executive Editor Mike Anthony seems to be showing some bias as well.

I am a retired union worker and I believe in fair bargaining rights for workers. I find it difficult to understand when the fire chief does not have a voice in the operation of the department as to who he hires and how to budget the department. Chief Brian Hendricks has said response time for ambulance calls is rising during peak times.

I support paying higher taxes for police and fire protection for myself and my loved ones.