Responsibility and independence should be taught, not a ‘free ride’

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

What is our job as parents to teach the next generation? Isn’t it responsibility and independence?

Certainly not “free ride” or “we’ll take care of you forever.”

I have to live on a budget, pay my bills, and of course, my taxes, so why doesn’t my government practice the same fiscal responsibility?

Why the overspending?

Why is my government living on borrowed money and wasting money on interest payments? Why hasn’t my government cut back on spending or tightened the belt like us regular people do?

Why do I have to pay twice, once for myself and my family and then for others who choose to take advantage of those “generous” government programs? Am I just working for big government and all their failed programs, which are definitely not teaching responsibility and independence?

Instead the politicians are sending the clear message: “You need government to take care of you, and remember to show your appreciation. Be sure to vote and keep us in our powerful offices.”

Just how much more do you want from me?

What is the percentage of my income that you want? Just how much is “your fair share” of my hard-earned income?

Jan Tucker