Resident wholeheartedly supports Robinson

To the editor:

I have been disheartened by the flurry of letters to the editor published in the Call that contain misinformation about Crest-wood’s budget: Mayor Roy Robinson brought the city budget from near-bankruptcy status in 2005 to nearly debt free today; the proposed property-tax increase — Robinson suggested 20 cents when former Alderman Steve Nieder and Alderman Jerry Miguel suggested 35 cents; redevelopment of Crestwood Court — which brought kudos to Crestwood as one of the first malls in America to be focused on the arts; and the misstatement that animal control is paid through the Park and Stormwater Fund.

The editor’s comment in his column on March 24 that for the first time in six years the citizens have a choice is because Mayor Robinson ran unopposed last election. Citizens understood and appreciated the benefits and positive changes he brought to Crestwood.

I support Mayor Robinson wholeheartedly because under his administration I have seen Crestwood become a safe, solvent and desirable place to live.

Mary L. Hall