Resident thinks Crestwood Board of Aldermen is ‘on track’ with mall


To the editor:

I would like to first of all give a big thank you and congratulations to Mayor Gregg Roby and the Board of Aldermen of Crestwood.

At first, I had some hesitation on their recent decisions regarding the status of the former Crestwood mall. Many have made fun of the big pile of dirt in place of what was once a thriving center of commerce. Since the mall’s closing, the tax revenue of Crestwood has dropped along with many public services.

But after giving some thought, I now understand the true insight and vision of our city leaders.

Big cheers to our city’s government for converting the space to a cross-country racing course.

It looks like just a pile of dirt now, but soon we will see motorcycles, four-wheelers and big trucks racing over and around the hills.  I look forward to seeing their big jumps and aerial acrobatics. This looks to be a big source of tax revenue that will truly benefit our citizens.

Next time you look at that big pile of dirt, you now should have a better understanding of the wisdom we credit our civic leaders.

James Bubash