Resident questions proposal to move SCOPE program to St. John’s

To the editor:

The Mehlville School District’s proposal for moving the SCOPE program into the former St. John’s Elementary School needs serious consideration.

SCOPE represents 625 students with mainly serious disciplinary problems.

First, the proposal’s location is on Will Avenue in Mehlville. This happens to be a very congested and extremely narrow road. Even the residents here have problems navigating access to their homes.

Secondly, the proposed building itself needs extensive renovation, including possibly asbestos remediation. This building was built in 1922 and has been vacant for some time.

Thirdly, since multiple school districts would be using this facility, transportation and distance would be a major factor. Also, there are schools in the immediate area. Mehlville High School and Green Park Lutheran School are in close proximity.

It would appear another location might be more suitable.

Lillian Kelledy