Resident questions if Sunset Hills mayor really deserves a second term

Sunset Hills Mayor John Hunzeker can be a charming person as long as people adhere to his agenda.

His recent outbursts and temper tantrums over two controversial developments top the list of my concerns. The Viking Conference Center has a flawed redevelopment study that does not address the taking of the roads in the Sunset Hills Office Park by eminent domain if owners will not agree to sell them and taking property from the Lutheran Church without notification of such.

Nor does it address the negative impacts of traffic on Lindbergh Boulevard and Watson Road.

The Heimos/McEagle project also has several issues surrounding it, including the change of zoning, amending the Comprehensive Land Plan, increased traffic volume on a two-lane road next to a school and it won’t even generate any sales tax revenue. Hunzeker has been rude to a fault with anyone who questions his motives because he wants these developments in Sunset Hills whether they are good or not.

Because of this, the Board of Aldermen is quite divided.

Hunzeker has held many meetings with developers, one of which appeared to be in violation of state law. But Esther Gier does not mention this in her Feb. 7 letter.

Every campaign promise he made two years ago has been broken — “to never compromise zoning, respect property rights and prevent city government from getting into the commercial development business.”

Hunzeker’s desire to buy the golf course begins with an offer. The city does not have the money to purchase it nor the staff to run it. To the contrary, Hunzeker did not stop the Sunset Manor debacle. Judge Gloria C. Reno declared it null and void three months before Hunzeker was elected.

So if Ms. Gier, Hunzeker’s campaign treasurer, prefers Hunzeker for mayor in Sunset Hills, then she should vote for him.

Others should be concerned about the mayor’s frivolous spending and his complete disregard for the facts surrounding the two developments that may not be right for Sunset Hills.