Resident of Green Park wonders: What is going on in Sunset Hills?

To the editor:

What is going on in Sunset Hills?

I have many unanswered questions. For instance:

• Ward 1 Alderman Rich Gau and his ties to Petro Mart?

• Ward 1 Alderwoman Dee Baebler and the dash-cam video when she was pulled over by a police officer with part of the audio missing?

• Former Mayor Bill Nolan and Alderwoman Baebler after the election continuing to promise residents streets would be made public.

• Why a police chief doesn’t wear his uniform to work?

• Why the police chief’s car was taken away in a 7-1 vote and then suddenly it is returned to him?

• The audacity of alderpersons emailing from the city website with a petition to remove the mayor, and how were private citizens’ email addresses obtained?

• Why did no one go after any of these matters and start an investigation into them?

In this country, it is innocent until proven guilty. Then we hear that it is not the accident incident (that led to a vote of no confidence). Well, what is it? The mayor is not perfect. However, he is working for the people of Sunset Hills. His fault is that he does not play “their” game.

Again, I ask, what is going on in Sunset Hills?

Susan M. Koehler

Green Park