Research candidates before voting, Beezley says

To the editor:

Recently a former alderman who is currently running for alderman in Crestwood Ward 4, Steve Nieder, told a Crestwood resident who was attending a Board of Aldermen meeting to “shut up.”

I think every time I see a sign in someone’s yard do they really know who the person is behind that sign. It might be good to review this individual’s past before you vote on April 5.

It seems every time you see a Nieder sign you also see a Mike Tsichlis sign.

Mike served on the Crestwood Board of Aldermen and was elected president of the board. Last year, two of his peers on the board placed on the agenda to discuss removing him as president. They did not succeed in this removal, but I was present the night of the vote. From my recollection, one of his other peers noted issues with the way he tends to address people and certain situations.

Please take a moment to really look into who you are voting for, they can appear to be the nicest people in the world when they are in control at your door.

It’s their history that really counts.