‘Republicans are not the chosen party of God’

To the editor:

I am writing in response to the absurd letter that was printed in the Dec. 9th issue of the Call.

Shirley Preuss’ letter was overtly arrogant and factually incorrect — which is expected from those on the fringe of the “Religious Right.” I would like to take the opportunity to clear up a few things.

• As a public school teacher, I can assure all fundamentalist Christians out there that God has not been banned from the public schools. Students attending public schools may pray in school, read the Bible, and voice their religious morals and values in classroom discussions. All are protected under the First Amendment.

Students may not use religion to interrupt classroom activities or to threaten other students.

Teachers and administrators are not allowed to promote any one religion or force students to pray. That is because public schools are for everyone, not just Chris-tians. I challenge Ms. Preuss to find me one documented example of a Christian student being prohibited from practicing their religion at appropriate times in a public school. If you want your children exposed to only Christian beliefs and ideas then send them to a private religious institution.

• I refute Ms. Preuss’ argument that there are millions of “closet Christians” who have been scared into silence by “the enemy.” America is a country in which one can find a Christian church on every corner. Shows like “7th Heaven” have millions of viewers, and Christian books and music are among the top-selling items in stores and malls.

I have never met a Christian who is meek or ashamed of their faith. With conservatives in control of all three branches of government it is hard to believe that Chris-tians have hidden away their beliefs.

• The Republicans are not the chosen party of God. They may support the Bible on issues such as gay marriage and abortion, but they fail to abide by its teaching in other areas.

Republicans, including President Bush, support the death penalty, even though to-tally innocent people have been executed in this country.

The Bible has over 2,000 references to the poor, yet the Republican Party is notorious for cutting funds for social services that help Americans who are less fortunate.

I suggest Ms. Preuss do some research and use some logic the next time she decides to speak for God and Jesus and embarrasses her fellow Christians.

Paul Stanley