Report delayed on incident with mayor, bicyclist

The St. Louis County Police Department’s investigation of whether Sunset Hills Mayor Mark Furrer intentionally hit a bicyclist with his car has reached its final stages, but no report had been released as of Monday.

As the Call went to press, the release of any information on the investigation has been delayed in light of the ongoing investigation into the killing of Michael Brown and continuing unrest in Ferguson.

“We are inundated in Ferguson right now,” Police Officer Brian Schellman wrote to the Call in an email, adding that there is currently no timeline on when the investigation might be released.

At the Aug. 12 meeting of the Sunset Hills Board of Aldermen, acting President Scott Haggerty read a statement about the July 29 incident between Furrer and Fenton bicyclist Randy Murdick on behalf of the board.

“As you may know, an incident occurred involving a bicyclist and a resident of the city of Sunset Hills, who also happens to be the mayor,” Haggerty said. “This is a private matter and it has been referred to an outside agency for investigation … This does not affect the ability of the Board of Aldermen to continue conducting the business of the city. I would like to assure you that the city of Sunset Hills welcomes and supports alternative forms of transportation, such as pedestrian and bicycle access, and promotes such activities with events such as our upcoming triathlon.”