Reminds mayor it’s an aldermanic meeting, not ‘Roy Robinson Night’

To the editor:

Another “opportunity” has reared its ugly head at the Aug. 11 meeting of the Crestwood Board of Aldermen.

What could it be this time, you ask? Well, we had a citizen — ex-Alderman Steve Nieder — requesting floor time by raising his hand to speak on a particular subject.

So what could the “problem” possibly be?

Well, it seems that Mayor Roy Robinson refused to recognize Mr. Nieder, who finally had to ask Mayor Robinson for permission to speak.

Now, I know that we live in the “land of the free and the home of the brave,” but these days in Crestwood you really have to be “brave” to make an effort to have a remark read into the minutes of Roy Robinson’s “meeting.”

Your honor, I am but an average blue-collar worker who has lived in the same house in Crestwood for the last 40 years, but please allow me to remind you that the name of the meeting is the Board of Aldermen meeting not “Roy Robinson Night.”

I think all the citizens of Crestwood have paid their dues and as such deserve the right under our City Charter and the U.S. Constitution to be heard and without snide remarks. I ask that you take this into consideration at the next meeting and allow all the people who wish to speak the time needed.

After all, you may learn something.

Thomas C. Ford