Reform, consolidation needed for fire districts

To the editor:

Schoemehl, Campisi, where are you?

I would like to congratulate Rep. Walt Bivins in looking for ways to reform our fire districts. My question is, where are the rest of our local officials on this? Hopefully all readers will contact their officials and ask them to join the effort to reform and eventually consolidate our districts.

Perhaps they can ask them why the Board of Directors for the Mehlville Fire District saw it fit to pay the fire chief more than the governor of Missouri?

Why did they pay firefighters almost $30,000 a year more than our police officers and teachers here in Oakville?

Ask them to look into the benefits package, health and pension, offered to fire district employees compared to police, teachers and other public servants.

But most importantly ask them why this compensation wasn’t enough and the directors authorized the district to spend tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to hire a public relation firm and pay for mailings and videotapes with a one-sided view — all to lay a huge 37 percent tax hike on the voters and guarantee employees raises for five years.

This is not a Democrat or Republican issue, but one that benefits all taxpayers.

Please let your voice be heard.

Aaron Hilmer