Recent transplant here questions condition of south county roads

To the editor:

Is there something going on here that I don’t know?

I am a recent transplant to this part of St. Louis and while my wife and I love our neighborhood, the community and all the conveniences of the area, I really don’t understand what’s going on with all the narrow, winding streets with few shoulders and inconsistent sidewalks. And also what about the many rough and unpatched streets?

I understand straightening and widening roads can be expensive, but some of the streets really seem downright dangerous with the sharp curves and lack of shoulders.

And it would also be nice if we could go for a walk to meet people and explore our new surroundings without worrying about our safety.

Many of the homes here are certainly above average in price, we pay a fair amount in real estate taxes and there is no lack of noticeable pride of ownership.

So how can it be there seems to be this apparent general acceptance that when it comes to the below-average streets in south county, that’s just the way it is?

Can anything be done about this? Is anything planned? Can someone explain this to me, please?

Dan Ryan