Reader ‘wowed’ by letter; notes school districts funded by taxpayers

To the editor:

This is in response to Terry Kite’s letter in last week’s Call: Wow, just wow.

In your letter, you stated, “… There has been some information presented that is simply not accurate regarding the source of funding for educators’ retirement benefits.” Apparently you were responding to letters written regarding retirement accounts of educators. People who wrote that Mehlville Superintendent Terry Noble’s retirement benefits would fall on Missouri taxpayers simply were not accurate.

Regarding the amount of money educators contribute to their retirement, you also stated, “This amount is then matched by the local school district.”

Well, I have one question for you: Where do the local school districts get their money? I always believed it was from us taxpayers because I pay a tax bill every year for my school district, not to mention a percentage of the taxes on every purchase receipt I have.

Just wow.

Sherry Gagliarducci

Sunset Hills