Reader wonders why teachers can’t ‘save defenseless children’


To the editor:

Wow, I had to read Christina MacDougall’s April 5 letter twice, and it was still difficult to understand.

The only thing that I interpreted from the letter is that she claims that the dozens upon dozens of teachers that she worked with are too stupid to be trained to protect our children.

Also, her letter indicates to me that her liberal views overshadow a desire to save defenseless children that are being slaughtered by a maniac with a gun.

The writer was one up on me.

I had never held a gun, much less fired one, until I entered the police academy.

Within a few weeks,  I was trained to handle a weapon, as well as how to act in a safe manner if and when an emergency situation arose.

I don’t think that President Donald Trump meant for the volunteer teachers to stow their weapons in a locker.

That is the reason they are called “concealed weapons.”

The next thing she’ll be telling us is that there aren’t any strip joints on the east side.

Jim Kohnen