Reader with ‘journalism background’ says Hilmer story ‘doesn’t cut it’

To the editor:

One would wonder recently if your paper uses the basic rules of journalism.

In a Dec. 8 article about Mehlville Fire Protection District Board of Directors Chairman Aaron Hilmer, it would be easy to question your motives. I am sure Mr. Hilmer is a wonderful guy. Your article, however, came across more as a campaign ad than an actual journalistic piece. Will you cover other candidates in this fashion?

I guess if Mr. Hilmer needs a press release writer, he can always call you. It was also convenient how the April 4 election notice for the Mehlville Fire Protection District just happens to be on the page with the majority of the “article,” while the rest of such notices were in the classified ads.

Speaking as someone with a journalism background, this article doesn’t cut it. Instead it comes off as an editorial piece, and should be marked as such.

Kevin M. Hurt