Reader wants to see Missouri’s own ‘Propositon 13’ on an upcoming ballot


To the editor:

This year my reassessment is going to be appealed behind closed doors without my presence. Unbelievable. 

My home’s assessed valuation is being calculated by comparing it to a recently sold home’s purchase price with possibly a mortgage. This home is not owned by the purchaser, it is technically owned by the mortgage holder until paid off. So we are both paying property taxes based on the amount of my neighbor’s mortgage. Again, unbelievable.

The solution to this is what happened in California in 1978. California voters passed “Prop 13” eliminating reassessment. Since 1978, California homeowners now pay property taxes on the purchase price, plus up to a 2 percent increase each year. It takes 50 years to double property taxes on a home’s purchase price.

California homeowners can improve their homes without a property tax increase. There are no more property tax increase elections because of the 2% increase every year.

Please send a copy of this letter to your Missouri state senator and state representative. Tell them to work to put a “Prop 13” on Missouri’s ballot for voter approval if they want to get re-elected.

Ronald Levy