Reader wants plan to cut Crestwood’s budget so city can live within its means

In reference to Terry Freeman’s letter to the editor in the July 3 Call, thank you for a very informative letter. I agree that it is impossible for any of us to predict the future when it comes to retail sales in Crestwood, or for that matter anywhere else. Where we differ on Proposition 1 is that the mayor and the Board of Aldermen have yet to show me — or anyone else that I know of — a comprehensive plan to cut the budget to live within our means.

As a senior citizen — 52 percent of us are in Crestwood — I must live within my budget or face bankruptcy.

Now, is it foolish for me to expect that my elected representatives and the mayor be required to do the same?

I know that Crestwood has relied on sales tax from our retailers for far too long. However, why wasn’t this addressed long ago when it was apparent change was going to be needed?

Sorry, but we do not need a “safety net.” We need a board, mayor and the leadership to move us through these harrowing times and not more funds to be spent on whatever.

Thomas C. Ford