Reader wants best opportunities for children

To the editor:

I am a taxpayer, a parent and a resident of Oakville.

I personally understand the hardship of fixed income, high medical bills and other expenses.

Is it wrong for me to want the best educational and extracurricular opportunities for my children? Over the last 10 years I have watched this district slowly go downhill and parents have been asked to pay more and more for basic school needs.

I was shocked when I found out it was parents who paid for many classroom supplies, technology, cafeteria tables and playground equipment.

I can’t tell you how much time and money I have spent at the school and on fundraisers and book fairs. Parents do already pay to support our schools and activities, and keep being asked to pay and do more.

Activities, including music, art, service, sports and academics, were cut. In today’s electronic plugged-in society, any chance children can get together unplugged and learn something new is a great opportunity.

I do not understand not supporting our current and future students and our community.

I want my children to have the best op-portunities possible. Please vote “yes” on Prop R. Thank you.