Reader wants a school board that functions like current fire board

To the editor:

I’ve got a bad feeling about the Mehlville School District’s Prop R and it’s getting worse.

The way it looks to me, first the school district cut busing — putting children at risk — in order to scare parents into supporting Prop R.

And now they’re producing real-estate agents turned fortune tellers who are trying to scare the community about property values if their tax-rate increase doesn’t pass — as if higher taxes magically preserve property values.

These tactics remind me of the scare tactic used by the fire district several years back — pass our tax-rate increase or no one will come when you call 911 — and frankly, I resent these attempts at manipulation.

Despite this, I checked out the district’s strategic plan, thinking maybe they were just inartful and misguided in their public-relations effort, but they might have a good road map for improving the district.

As far as I’m concerned, that put the nail in the Prop R coffin.

The so-called strategic plan doesn’t have any substance to it — no action items, nothing measurable, no deadlines and no one is held accountable. I was speechless.

I’m voting “no” and I’m going to pay real close attention to future school board races. Until we elect reform candidates, nothing will change. I want a school board that functions like our current fire board.

Edward Harlow