Reader urges voters to ‘recycle every politician’ in coming months

To the editor:

In the coming weeks/months, we will once again place our future in the hands of individuals who vote — which may include non-citizens and those who have been dead for several years.

Do you remember how your elected officials listened to you on matters of community interest? Do you remember how residents of Oakville were given due process of the law?

Do you remember how library trustees were all ears when they asked voters to approve a ballot measure to raise money, but then after the measure was passed, they were in no mood to listen to citizens?

Do you remember the scandals of financial mismanagement and conflicts of interest?

Do you think that the board members of the utilities really have the public interest at hand? As an example, the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District Board of Trustees has given approval to participate in a contractor loan fund. How does a loan program fit into the mission of the sewer district? I thought banks were in the business of loaning money.

Are you satisfied with retaining, year after year, the judges of our court system? Do you really feel that your tax dollars are being spent wisely?

For many years, the gasoline tax went into the general fund and only a percentage was allocated for road maintenance. Recent laws changed that, and now, the entire gasoline tax must be spent on road maintenance, thereby taking revenue away from the general fund.

Can you guess why state and local politicians want to use a sales tax to further finance road maintenance?

Do you remember how the revenue from our local casinos was going to rejuvenate public education?

May I give you a recommendation on how to proceed in the months ahead? Close your wallets, vote “no,” and recycle every politician.