Reader urges ‘no’ vote on Mehlville’s Prop R

To the editor:

We would not be in the red had the Mehlville school board not spent more than we had and spent our moneys on necessary things such as teachers and not the auditorium and tennis courts, seasonal entertainment that benefits a few.

All of this money should have gone to students who need special help that we are unable to provide.

Now we have a new superintendent and his predecessor that had not been privy to these decisions telling us what to do.

It seems the superintendents hang around just long enough to mess things up and then move on to greener fields.

Who benefits from this tax increase? Not us, the taxpayers, nor the children because they will give back the programs they have taken away to prove their point.

Now they want a 25-percent cushion — do each of us have that? In the past, Mehlville has carried 13 percent to 17 percent in reserves, sometimes less than that.

Then they will dig into that and we will be right back here, looking for more moneys from we, the taxpayers.

Will this increase give the children a better education?

Voice your opinion at the polls with a “no” vote.