Reader urges Knost, Palamand to concentrate on improving grades

To the editor:

The story by Kari Williams concerning the Mehlville School District’s solar project in the May 24 Call is a great example of just other ill-fated decision made by our “crack” educators at the expense of taxpayers.

Here’s three mathematical equations for Mehlville students:

• ($150,000 savings over 20 years) = ($7,500 total per year) ÷ (five district building roofs) = $1,500 savings-per building-per year.

• Let us estimate a total $1 million cost to taxpayers: ($1,000,000) ÷ ($7,500 savings) = 133.3-year payback, excluding depreciation and maintenance cost over same reported time period.

• (133.3 years) x (taxpayer dollars) = “Boondoggle” or as they say, “A bridge to nowhere.”

The five buildings will most likely be torn down before even a glimmer of savings is realized by the hapless district elite. I suggest Superintendent Eric Knost and Board of Education President Venki Palamand concentrate on improving grades and graduation statistics.

Allan M. Ringering


Editor’s note: Superintendent Eric Knost has said the solar-energy project will result in no out-of-pocket cost to the district.