Reader trusts Venki Palamand with his grandchildren’s education

To the editor:

I am writing today to talk to you about one of our own who is running for the Mehlville Board of Education — Venki Palamand.

Mr. Palamand is a local product with home-grown intelligence. He grew up in Oakville and went to Blades Elementary, Oakville Junior High and Oakville High School. After graduating from Washington University with a bachelor of science degree in business administration and a master of science degree in mechanical engineering, he returned to his family owned machine shop to help his father run their business. I know from speaking with Mr. Palamand that he has both the mental capacity and business experience for critical thought, fiscal responsibility and running our school district with the utmost amount of efficiency.

I trust Mr. Palamand to take care of my grandchildren’s education, and I trust Mr. Palamand with my tax dollars. You can trust Mr. Palamand, too.

Randal Hoff