Reader thanks Mehlville firefighters for their rescue of six ducklings

To the editor:

As I was driving down Telegraph Road recently, I noticed a mother duck and her baby ducklings attempting to cross the street.

It was around 6:15 p.m. and traffic was heavy. I pulled over as quickly as I could to rush to their aid. As I ran back toward the ducks, the mother had turned, leading her eight ducklings across a sewer grate. Only two made it across, the others falling over 10 feet into the cavernous sewer. What a helpless feeling. The 96-degree temperature made their plight even more dangerous as they desperately cried out to their frantic mom.

A huge shout-out to the gallant firefighters from the Mehlville Fire Protection District’s Engine House No. 6 who, upon hearing of the plight, quickly came to their rescue. All six fallen ducks were safely returned to the mother duck, which swiftly departed — in the other direction. Thank you for answering the distressed call of the ducklings — and me — and taking action without judgment. These ducklings can’t vote on a bill, write a check for a fundraiser or even say thanks. But they are living, breathing, feeling creatures, and you jumped in to help them for no glory other than doing the right thing for the right reason.

When I relay this story I am asked, “Where do you live that the firefighters would help in this manner?”

I’m happy to say, “Oakville.”

Thank you to the wonderful men of Station 6.