Reader takes issue with description of Bivins’ legislation as ‘asinine’

To the editor:

I often agree with positions taken by the Call, but I must take issue with you on the training of newly elected fire board members.

In the Nov. 2 issue of the Call, you said that Rep. Walt Bivins’ bill requiring this training was one of the most asinine pieces of legislation you’ve seen.

My question is why? I understand new school board members are required to take 16 hours of training and that freshman state representatives and senators must take a two-week uncompensated tour of state facilities as well as attending a mock legislative session to understand the workings and responsibilities of the Legislature.

I would think that new fire board members would welcome the opportunity to receive training that would help prepare them to take on their new responsibilities.

Obviously, new board members will have their own ideas about how a district or company should be run, and that’s fine.

Board members should not be yes men, but there is much to be gained by understanding the procedures, problems and strengths of an organization.

Recent lax participation by board members of companies, such as Enron, would indicate that more training as to the duties and responsibilities of board members would certainly have been in order.

Howard Brandt