Reader ‘taken aback’ by letter on old-thinking, young-thinking people


Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

I was somewhat taken aback by a letter The Call published Oct. 3. Am I alone in this? I am referring to a letter posted by someone who tells us that she is concerned about young people learning the ways of the older generation.

You know those people who were brought up to think it wrong to rip an unborn child from the womb and then dispose of it in a Glad bag or wash it down a clinician’s sink.

Pat Brooks of Concord wants everyone to know that while she is a septuagenarian, she has moved with the times and is deeply concerned that the young are not thinking young. She also wants us to know that she can discern hearts. True — she can tell if you are a misanthrope or a hater. All you have to do is criticize Planned Parenthood or defy progressivism.

As for me and my house, we will always criticize Planned Parenthood no matter how contemptuous we become in the eyes of people like Pat Brooks. I know even if she does not that the left uses the hate argument because it slyly confounds hate with righteous indignation and godly anger. Yes, godly anger. The apostle Paul in the New Testament says, “Be ye angry and sin not.”

Anyone not angry over what is going on in America while babies are killed at a rate of one every 97 seconds is without sense or feeling. Yes, let’s be angry. Just like Jesus was angry when he cleansed the temple. Children are being slaughtered.

Rev. Stephen A. Cakouros