Reader supports Trump; United States ‘no worse today’ under him


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

In response to Jim Kaznica’s Feb. 1 letter to the editor, it is hard for the “blind” to see their own reflection.

I am proud to be American and try not to talk bad about my president. I will not pretend to know a lot about politics or world news. I do listen and watch the news when I can — FM NewsTalk 97.1 and National Public Radio.

When President Donald Trump says lies in his speeches, only the people into politics hear it and acknowledge it. When the news spins the “fake news,” it is played over and over on multiple outlets and presented as fact.

After Trump says something, it is pretty much done unless the news outlets play it with their own spin. That is the big difference in Trump’s lies versus the news’ “fake news.”

Trump was not supporting white supremacists or propping their ideals up to the Black Lives Matter protesters. The comparison Trump made was that both sides were demonstrating peacefully until both sides got violent. It was one moron who drove a car into the people.

I honestly like to see white supremacists march, not because I support their ideals, but so that I can know which ignorant, Neanderthal people to avoid. I think it may also inspire other movements like Black Lives Matter or Pride to come out. When the news plays those parades, there are more people there to ridicule them.

Knowing there are more people that do not support the Ku Klux Klan or homophobic ideals, than do, should encourage struggling individuals.

Do I support Trump? Yes. The country is no worse today by anything he has done. While I hear over and over that his policies mainly help the rich, they are helping me, too. Not as much as some, but who am I to want the world?

When small people like myself do better, it helps me help others. I think we all need to stop looking at where our policies differ, and start looking at our end goal — a better self, country and world.

Shawn Finney

Sunset Hills