Reader supports public education, but does not back Proposition R

To the editor:

I have been a Mehlville taxpayer for 50 years and I very much support public education. I am not for Proposition R because I don’t support the way the Mehlville school board and administration, past and present, say one thing and do another. There are many examples, here are only two:

• They always preach statements like, “It’s for the kids” or “Our property values will decline if we don’t support our public schools.” The Mehlville school board knew in June 2014 when it gave all teachers a big increase that this would put them in a deficit they are currently in and it would be there continually year after year.

They always spend money they don’t have and it seems they always will. They have put themselves in this situation, so let them figure out how to solve it.

• The district has a code word every month that teaches our students how to act and treat others on a daily basis, which is a great idea. The code word for September was “respect.” Of course, I guess board member Jean Pretto does not have to follow what they are teaching in our schools.

The way the board acted and how board member Jean Pretto spoke to Sue Jernigan at a board meeting was so disrespectful.

The Mehlville school board should practice what it preaches. Why doesn’t the board ask the Mehlville fire district for advice; it seems to always have a surplus of funds.

Robert Needham