Reader supports Diehl’s efforts to oppose trash-transfer station in Oakville

Tom Diehl was, of course, correct in everything he said in his recent article regarding Fred Weber’s continuing campaign to foist his garbage-dump collection — oh, I mean transfer — site on Oakville residents.

I have optimistically made a contribution to Citizens Against Trashy Government in hopes of saving our neighborhood. But as long as Fred Weber Inc. — probably LLC now — can intimidate our county executive, Charlie Dooley, with a civil-rights suit — civil rights? — and influence him to direct the county lawyers to drop our defenses, I feel we are fighting a losing battle.

He certainly has shown his disdain for south county. Maybe we should file a “civil-rights” suit since that’s what gets Mr. Dooley’s attention. I guess we in Oakville don’t have as much of a civil right to a clean environment as Weber does to “trash” us.

There must really be a lot of money in trash for Fred Weber to spend as much as it has to date to get its nuisance project approved. The lawsuits alone for this length of time are costly. You can tell neither their executives, nor lawyers, nor any of Mr. Dooley’s family would be affected by the stench, traffic, trash-truck debris, and “vectors” that would result from Weber’s moneymaker.

I guess I’d better not say how I really feel or Weber might be inclined to begin SLAPPing the citizens again.

Marlene Colona