Reader supporting Trump’s presidency, rejects Broughton’s writings


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Another month, another Trump-bashing letter from Mike Broughton.

This time, the esteemed alderman is seeking to entice Trump supporters to “dump Trump,” oblivious to the fact that his base is locked up for the next election. Mr. Broughton’s exhortations aren’t likely to pry Trump faithful into the “loony left” Ocasio-Cortez/Pelosi/Bernie/Warren orbit. Trump’s tax cuts are an effort to do something completely illogical: Taking less from taxpayers — absolute heresy to Democrats. As for raising the debt, it has increased under 45’s watch, but far less than the reigning champion, Barack Obama, who more than doubled it in his eight years. Were you so concerned about that national debt in 2009-2017, Mr. Broughton?

Those Trump tariffs are long overdue. The Chinese have been picking our pockets for decades. Trump is actually trying to stop it. Perhaps we’ll start weaning ourselves off products made by an increasingly belligerent Communist China.

The “Trump’s Republican lackeys” quip was worth a chuckle. Please note that you live five miles from a state controlled by “Democrat lackeys”: The nearly bankrupt state of Illinois, beholden to teachers’ pensions, and taxing citizens to the point of exile.

If you’re looking for the very definition of a “notorious con man,” remember “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

Bringing up those Nov. 6 elections, GOP supporters were really voting for their best interests: Record low unemployment, a booming economy and a desire for a border wall to keep undesirables out. I understand that those may not be your priorities, Mr. Broughton. Perhaps they should be.

Bob Radil