Reader supporting re-election of Lenz, Gotsch to Lindbergh board

To the editor:

Because all four Lindbergh Board of Education candidates left a good impression after the Board of Education candidate forum, my decision on whom to elect boiled down to two main points: The first is whether the incumbents, Vic Lenz and Kara Gotsch, have performed poorly enough to vote out of office, and the answer is “no.”

Both of them have helped steer the board through difficult teacher salary negotiations, splitting up two middle schools and making cuts in the budget. During their tenure, the district has received numerous national and state accolades.

The second revolves around who is better suited to steer the board through the upcoming challenges of bringing another elementary school up to usable condition, meeting new state testing requirements and reviewing the school budget to make a decision on a potential bond issue.

Again, having seasoned board members who can “hit the ground running” will benefit the district. If one or two newcomers were elected, at least 60 percent to 70 percent of the board would still be in the midst of a learning curve. While I hope Ms. McDaniel and Mr. McBride run in the future, the best choices for this election are Vic Lenz and Kara Gotsch, and I hope voters join me in electing them on April 2.

Martha Duchild