Reader: Stenger planned a JB Blast rainout


To the editor:

I found it odd that the JB Blast was canceled at the last minute this year because of impending weather when the skies had cleared and there was no more threat of storms.

The show could have gone on, even with some standing water. But now, it all makes sense    that this was not a weather related thing, but a political thing, because of the rescheduled Blast, now on the weekend before the Aug. 7 election.

This reschedule caused food truck vendors to lose large amounts of money, and the citizens of St. Louis County incredible disappointment.

Enough is enough. County Executive Steve Stenger has used St. Louis County for his political advancements and will continue to do so. It is insulting that he is using the JB Blast for his own political rally paid for by us.

But you can put an end to this on Aug. 7 by asking for a Democratic ballot when you vote and voting for Mark Mantovani for county executive.

Bryan Crawford