Reader shudders at thought of ‘Dooley puppet’ occupying County Council seat

I am writing to commend our Councilman John Campisi for his recent vote on the Metro tax increase.

He truly represented the people of south county when he voted to not put the half-cent Metro sales-tax increase on the November ballot. The last time the Metro tax was on the ballot, all five south county townships overwhelmingly voted against it.

In 2007, Campisi also voted to not put the Metro tax increase on the ballot.

The campaign for Metro is not even promising to build it to south county — not that we want this boondoggle. Look at the excessive cost overruns on the last extension. Another point is that nobody believes that Metro’s “honor” system for riding Metro is working. I am concerned about the recent robberies occurring on the Metro system. Do we want this crime in south county?

Thanks again to John Campisi for listening to the people and voting “no” on putting the Metro tax on our ballot.

Because I shudder at the thought of a Charlie Dooley puppet occupying the office of 6th District councilman, I will be proudly voting for John in November.

Joshua Foster