Reader shocked, appalled by Englund’s remark on work to contract

To the editor:

I am shocked and appalled that Lindbergh Board of Education Treasurer Vicki Englund said, “I don’t understand the point of work to contract. What’s the goal?”

According to Ms. Englund’s campaign website, she is listed as a Democrat. I myself have some experience on the “D” side of the aisle, and I can say that I’m well aware of the methods and tools that organized labor has at its disposal for contract negotiations.

I am tired and resentful of elected officials who obtusely stall and waste valuable time by insisting on having even the broadest strokes of governance and procedure explained to them like a child wandering into a movie, wanting to know what’s happening.

I actually believe that Ms. Englund is not being 100-percent honest here. I’m quite confident that the treasurer of the Lindbergh Board of Education does, in fact, understand the point of work to contract.

That leaves the citizens to ask, why would she say such a thing, knowing that she is well aware of the point and the goal of working to contract?

I’ll wager, respect. The school board continues to show disrespect to its employees, to their faces, through their surrogates, to the parents of children in our district and to the citizens who receive the Lindbergh Link.

The Board of Education wants to publicly and vocally disrespect the already underpaid teachers who have put in decades of work to make Lindbergh Schools the respected institution it is today.

Shame on Ms. Englund. I hope that next time she will employ intelligent, honest and respectful tactics with our teachers, rather than some know-nothing neophyte who is mystified by the methods of unionized teachers.

Ron Parres