Reader says that Daues would serve well on the Board of Aldermen

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

Being a current resident of the 4th Ward in Sunset Hills, I know that Fred Daues, candidate for Sunset Hills alderman from the 4th Ward, would be an outstanding representative for the citizens and community that comprises Sunset Hills.

His background in business provides the exact skill set required to be an effective representative. Being a longstanding resident of the city, he understands the needs of both the residents and the businesses. This is essential in our current environment where tax dollars are precious and need to be stewarded carefully.

Mr. Daues is an excellent listener and has a tireless work ethic.  He has the ability to think of the greater vision of an issue and bring people together for a common consensus.  Mr. Daues has never put himself above the cause. He does what is right.  I have had the privilege of working with Mr. Daues on numerous boards and commissions.

Having seen the positive energy and work that he brings to something, I know he will be a great asset to the Board of Aldermen.

 I encourage the citizens of Sunset Hills to vote for Mr. Daues.

Bill Holland
Sunset Hills